My Stint at The Betty Crocker Clinic

“My name is Chatty Awkward and I am a sugarholic.”

Wow, that felt good to come clean about. I have been in and out of sugar detox since I was 6. Every day I read how sugar is poison, well I don’t exactly read it…my cellulite tells me that every morning.  I am sure I am painting a great picture of myself but fear not, this Chatty aint no fatty. I work out really hard to be able to eat my fun dip and fit into my pajama jeans.

From the beginning of my life I was able to eat whatever I wanted, my parents honestly didn’t care if I ate snickers every night #enablers. Don’t go calling Dr. Drew, my parents are wonderful, in fact they are my favorite people on this planet. They were sure to always feed me the nutritious veggies, you know the ones with high sugar content like carrots and corn.

My love for sugar is no secret. I had a candy buffet at my wedding and every time I walk by a candy store, my husband calls it my Kryptonite. I am not ashamed of this, although I do find it alarming it takes me 20 minutes to pick out a candy bar. This is coming from a person who bought the first house she saw and a Lexus on a whim.

I guess I am not sure what to make of this, I know I feel better without sugar yet I still eat it. I feel as though this is a battle that will never end, like Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj #TeamMariah 

Oh and Stevia is gross.

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