Drunk and Emotional Men.


Why do you cry when you are drunk? Please let me explain how not only unattractive this is, but how pathetic you look. In recent years of careful observation, there are three types of men who cry when they are drunk. The Insecure Brother, The asshole Boyfriend and Rob Kardashian.

The Insecure Brother
Family gatherings must be fun with this guy…not. Theres always something going on with that deama queen. Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a drunk session with Dr. Phil, lets just stuff our face with turkey and move on, folks!

The Asshole Boyfriend
This prize is only crying because it’s last call at a bar. Unfortunately for him, the lights turned on and he was caught making out with a girl who wasn’t his girlfriend. #whoops

Rob Kardashian
Robbie K cries all of the time, in fact he doesn’t have to be drunk to cry… he just lets that river run at the drop of a hat. I think Rob has more estrogen than Bruce Jenner. If you don’t know Bruce, he is the man on Keeping Up with The Kardashians who strongly resembles a female gym teacher. It’s kind of fascinating there is a dude who looks like a women who looks like a dude… got that?

Honestly, I think you all should stop being such sissy’s but hey, easier said than done, right? If being an emotional hot mess is your thing, than enjoy this little tune from my favorite emotional hot mess, Whitney Houston #rip

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