I Like My Seasons Like My Wine, Crisp.

It is that time of year again, where the pumpkin beer is flowing and the Uggs are showing. Did you know, I don’t have to leave my house to know that fall weather has arrived? Thanks to my virtual friends on Facebook, they tell me all about the weather.

“There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee on this crisp fall sunday!” says virtual friend. My favorite are the Facebook pictures of the apple pies that are a result from someone else’s “Fun family day, apple picking!”.

After reading posts like that, I look around at my kitchen and say “Where is my pie?” which leads to “screw you Facebook and your pictures of happy people and pie”. I really do love the fall though, especially…

  • My vegan leather jacket I bought at Urban Outfitters.  Yes, I said vegan. I don’t wear animals but I definitely eat them #bacon #yum. Wearing a faux leather jacket from Urban Outfitters shouldn’t surprise anyone, seeing how much I love them hipsters. Seriously though, what the hell is vegan leather? Who comes up with these names…
  • Hot coffee. I run on Dunkins’, not that fancy place four-bucks. This means, my medium iced turns into a medium hot once it gets brisk… baby.
  • Cold People. I love when people complain about cold fall days in New England. These people immediately want to put the heat on, but that turns into a huge argument with your roommates a.k.a your parents who pay the heating bill. What a first world problem… get a blanket and pipe down.

The only thing about the fall that I don’t like are college students. I swear they are trying their best to get hit by a car, they are everywhere in the street. I don’t care if you are walking or on your eco- friendly bicycle, I will hit you. College students also make me angry because I am no longer in college; a thirsty thursday in my life is watching Grey’s Anatomy* while getting excited to sleep in on saturday. #oyvey

Grey’s Anatomy Side Note: How many times does Meredith Grey have to come close to death? Just die already Mer… we can do with out your narcissism and scratchy voice. You act like a feline except I think you have 20 lives instead of 9. #meow

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