Can We Just “Tech” A Break?

Another new iPhone… another overdraft fee. I hate having to get familiar with a whole new iOS #nerdproblems. I hate to say it, but lately I am extremely overwhelmed by technology. I guess I just feel like, mo’ iPhone’s, mo’ problems.

I am just waiting for the day Siri transforms into Megatron and rightfully so. Her first stop on her rampage to destroy lives would be Samuel L. Jackson’s house. I can see her now, pouring hot gazpacho on him while he sleeps…on a plane…with snakes. #awkward

I just can’t keep up! And I have issues where I have to buy the latest and greatest gadget. A psychic once told me I have a spending problem, she said it’s okay because I am not broke. What kind of BS is that?

This whack-a-doo better see me winning Powerball in my future or else I WILL be broke. I need to start a “go fund me” page just for my Apple obsession.

While I am on a rant, lets chat about the twisted fundraising website

Did you know people fund raise for personal vacations to Italy? It’s like a sophisticated way of begging for money.

“Help me go on Vacation to Italy!” The title of their page says. Their goal is around $10,000 so they can:

  1. Get drunk
  2. Eat some fabulous spaghetti
  3. And make us all jealous on Instagram.

Sorry Giada, I ain’t supporting your wine and mozzarella habit, until I satisfy my own.

“Take out a damn loan!!” says Miss Peach…at which time she decided to rap “Move bitch, get out the way….”

Some people actually use this website for great causes; like needing help on medical bills for legit things like, Oh… I don’t know….battling Cancer! You people are going to hell in a hand basket along with them folks at Verizon.

Don’t get me started with Verizon.

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