Tom Brady: The 5-Year-Old QB

For a man who has brought us three Superbowl wins, precise football passes and incredibly proportionate features—Tom Brady is actually a Kindergartner.

The proof is in his snack pack pudding. There have been several strong indicators that Tom Brady is in fact the real life Josh Baskin #BIG

    1. Whether it’s the time he wanted to join the band One Direction or be on the cover of Teen Beat:


    1. Ride a water slide…sans child or wife


    1. Put Elmer’s glue in his hair instead of gel…


    1. Cut his bangs with Children’s scissors.


    1. Donned a headband for an after school tea party


    1. …And tied his locks (along with his balls) back in a ponytail


    1. There is one thing for certain, he plays well with his fellow teammates and always offers up a high-five. Even if no one gives him one back…


Tom, I am proud to have you as my QB. I would much rather have a man who acts like he is in grade school than one who is:

  • A Rapist – Ben Roethlisberger
  • A Dog Murderer – Michael Vick…I don’t care if he did his time
  • A Spokes person for Papa Johns – Peyton Manning
  • A man who publicly cries – Brett Favre
  • Lastly, named Tony Romo


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