You Spelled My Name Wrong.

How is this possible? I mean, how is it possible to spell my name incorrectly when it’s in my e-mail signature and in my e-mail address. It really chaps my ass.

If you aren’t aware, my name is Caitlin. The 80’s was a hip time to name your child Caitlin, Katelyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Caitlyn, Catelyn, Caitlan, Kaytlynne (This one’s a mind fuck and probably the name of some chick on 16 and pregnant). I understand you would misspell my name, there are 20 different variations of it. Sometimes, I wish my name was something like Mary… like the mother of Jesus.

Another thing about my name, it apparently determines my Irish legitimacy; I like to think the freckles would be enough or the fact that my Mother is an O’Brien who hails from Boston.

When I tell an Irish woman from Boston what my name is, you can guarantee they will ask me with a judging demeanor how I spell it. The conversations usually go like this:

Scary Boston Irish Lady:  “How do you spell ya name, with a C or a K?”
Me: “C”.
Scary Boston Irish Lady: “With a Y or and I?”
Me: “With two I’s”
Scary Boston Irish Lady: “Good Girl. That’s the right away around heeeyah”.

Phew! That was terrifying and worrisome. I’ve seen my share of Damon/Affleck/Marky Mark movies to know, you don’t mess with an Irish Mother from Boston or “You ahh SO dead!” #wickedpissah

I guess it could be way worse, my parents could have named me North. #KimyeBurned

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