Pet Peeve : Theater Talkers

I saw Catching Fire last night. Shit was cray. However, you never can capture all the details of a 400 page book in two hours. I need to come to terms with this whenever they make a movie out of a book. #ineedtopipethefuckdown

ok. #deepbreath

Dear Movie Goers,

If you’re going to a movie that is apart of a series, make the fuck sure you see the prior FILM or at the very least read Imdb and become familiar with the damn characters. That way you don’t need to ask Betty a question every two minutes. “What in gods green earth is happening? What’s a reaping? Oh no, she didn’t! Is that an arrow?”

Seriously though, it’s not enjoyable to hear your voices when i’m trying to stare at Liam Hemsworth while trying to not drool. This can’t be fun for you, the fact that you understand absolutely nothing that is going on. You are clueless I get it. However, just sit their eat your popcorn and fill the gaps in yourself. Use your imagination, make up a  back story. Maybe Katniss is the actual game maker and she is orchestrating everything. I don’t fricken know but, here is a wild idea watch the first damn movie before you spend $9.75 to sit in a room with a bunch of people watching a flick.

P.S –  to the person who forgot to turn the phone off. Go kick rocks.

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