The Day I Fought A Nurse

9 times out of 10 when I have a sore throat and post nasal drip, I will need an antibiotic. It just happens to me, I can’t fight the good fight of a cold like a normal person can. I prefer not to go to my primary care when I get sick, mainly because his office isn’t open at normal business hours and I think he secretly wants me to die.

After two days of coughing and a fever, I decide to go to the Minute Clinic in CVS in hopes of an antibiotic. Right when I see the Nurse, her first words are “I hope you didn’t come here expecting an antibiotic”, she is acting like wanting a Z-Pack is equal to wanting Painkillers. Her first words should have been a red flag for me to leave, but no like a dumb ass, I stay.

After 20 minutes of convincing this nurse that I am not a smoker, she takes a look at my throat and says “Let’s do a strep test”. Great, voluntary gagging…can’t wait! She might as well call me Anastasia Steele and whip me while she is at it. I was hoping this Nurse would perform this awful task gracefully, but no, it had to be my worst strep test experience ever.

This lady was an animal. She stabbed my throat and was dabbing away like she was painting the Mona Lisa, I grabbed both of her arms and she was yelling at me to calm down. We were officially in battle. This lady was asking for me to pretty much vomit all over her face. This was my nightmare, I have never in my life wished for a positive strep test until now.

After all that, I left with a negative strep test, no antibiotic, and feeling worse than I did before I went. I lost my pride, my appetite and all faith in the Minute Clinic. A sad day for all…

Ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic…

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