Blogging is Hard

I must say, keeping up with a blog is harder than keeping up with the Kardashian’s. For one, having a baby is a total time suck.  I love my baby and pay very close attention to her like a responsible human being, but man sometimes I forget to urinate that’s how consumed I am. Since our last post, I grew a human and Jennifer Aniston got married. Both are major events that took a little longer than we all hoped but hey it got done!

In other news, we have a new Kardashian on our hands… CAIT! While yes in the past we have totally ripped on Bruce for looking like a female gym teacher (no offense to female gym teachers). However, we are so happy for Cait and her new venture into womanhood. Granted Cait’s entrance does lack the certain monthly visit from the old Bitch “Flo” who I renamed “Cersei”. The way I see it, is that we all have to start somewhere and Cait Kardashian Jenner decided to begin womanhood after menopause. I see she learned something from Kris.


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