About The Chatty Writers

Chatty Awkward

Also known as Chatty Caitlin, she is just as bright as her teeth! And let me tell you, those chicklets are shiny white like Mr. Cleans head. Caitlin has a lot of spunk, wit, fire, and just the perfect dash of strange in her 5’2″ blonde body. Let’s just say… if Chatty Caitlin was a toddler in tiara’s contestant she would win grand supreme.

-Bio written by Miss Peach

Where are you from? God’s Country, Massachusetts. Some might call it, Canton.

Are you a Masshole? Abso-f@#$%ing-lutely

What is your most memorable journey: I would say child birth…like when I traveled through my Mother’s birth canal. #Gross

What is your biggest pet peeve? I don’t have any pets.

Do you have a talent? Yes, I can sing…but only to myself and in my car.

Why do you love to write? Because the most amazing and hilarious things happen to me in my life, and they need to be told to the world.


Miss Peach

Miss Peach isn’t from Georgia, although she lives everyday like Weezer from Steel Magnolias. If Miss Peach’s life were compared to a soup, it would be one large crock pot of Hot Mess. If you could describe Miss Peach in Game of Thrones terms she would be a little bit like Arya and a lot like Tyrion, in that she accepts all people, in all shapes and sizes.

-Bio written by Chatty (Caitlin) Awkward

Where are you from? Skin-neck-titty, NY (orginally) – Relocated to Slummerville, MA

Are you a Masshole? Never.

What is your most memorable journey: 20 minutes ago when I got a red velvet cupcake.

Are you a blonde? Bottled

What is your biggest pet peeve? Liquids, like when you step into a puddle and it gets on your skin. *fhdsjfs&##$% repulsive.

Again, are you a blonde? sock it to me sock it to me. 

Do you have a talent? I can make one eye go cross eyed while the other stays looking at my target. Target being, the toaster oven. #breadandbutter4life

Why do you love to write? I am always write.



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