Flatulence: The Great Debate

“Men fart way more than Women”- says everyone

That statement couldn’t be any more false than my 90-year old Grandfather’s teeth. We all eat the same things, we accumulate the same amount of fumes. I come from a gassy family, two brothers who took farting to another level, so this topic does not scare me. Am I less of a lady for discussing the nature of tooting? No, I am keeping it real..

Females Fart
There isn’t anything else to it, but there is a significant difference between how Men and Women choose to handle this sensation. Below is an explanation of Continue reading


The Ladies Restroom: What the hell do you do in there?

It is no secret that the Ladies’s restroom has significantly longer lines than the men’s, but what exactly do ladies do in there to make the lines so unbelievably long? Well, after doing some careful research along with personal experiences, there are four things that I found:

  1. “Come to the bathroom with me?!”
    There is a truth to the saying that “Girls stick together” and that truth lies within the restroom. Mostly in social settings, girls seem to have this fear of going to the bathroom alone. Now before you yell at me and say “it could be dangerous, always stay together”#Mom. I get that, but here is what I don’t understand… Continue reading